Top 10 Logistic companies in India 2020

Logistic is the backbone of the Indian eCommerce industry and the way Indian e commerce is growing it is also driving the growth of Logistic industry in India. Indian logistics industry Has seen a growth of 10 to 15% in the year 2013 to 20 16 and expected to reach over 2 million Market by send 2020.

The Logistic industry has received a much needed boost from the industry and the government. The main challenge in front of the logistic industry as poor transport network, warehouse facilities and lack of modern technology. Presently we need talented people who can handle the warehouse and distribution of the products, whereas in China and USA they could able to build technology through which they can easily manage the bear house without the human intervention.

As per the ICRA report the Logistic industry will grow 10% annually for the next 4 to 5 years. The prominent logistic companies have seen a growth of 67% the revenue in the last quarter of 2017, and as per the expert this trend will grow and revenue the company surely increase. The manufacturing activity has decline after the implementation of GST by the government of India but this effect is temporary, with the changes that in government is bringing in the GST rules the industry will expect to grow in upcoming years.

As per the recent stats the Logistic industry will be worth US dollar 307 billion by 2020.

Factors that trigger the growth of logistic industry in India

First the internet users has been increasing with a tremendous rate in India that in turn purchasing online free eCommerce companies hence increasing the product sale online. With the growth in The E-Commerce industry, logistic industry is going in the same profession.

The major Logistic companies has started working for the integration of modern technology in Warehouse that decrease the human intervention. Blockchain Technology has has seen great adoption in the Industry. Crowd sharing platforms has been developing that increase the efficiency

Support the government has been the major catalyst for the growth of the logistic industry.

In this article we will discuss about the leading Logistic companies offer that is playing a vital role in the economic growth of the country and has been working hard to provide best services to the customers and clients across the globe.

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

  • DHL
  • Blue Dart
  • TNT Express
  • DTDC
  • All cargo logistics ltd
  • Agarwal Packers and movers
  • Gati
  • FedEx
  • First Flight
  • Globe Express services

1. First in the list is Indian Railways . Indian Railways which is the backbone the Indian transport industry has been placed at the first position and the list of top 10 logistics companies of India. India is a vast network of 8000 pins that has connectivity with all the parts of India from a small city to the big state.

Head office - Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment - 1969 | Employees - 285000 | Website -
Address - DHL Express (India) P.Ltd A. K. Marg Bandra East Mumbai

2. Second in the list is Blue Dart: Blue Dart is another prominent logistic Company of India and when we are pleased blue Dart at the second position the list of top 10 logistics companies of India. Bluedart has Global presence and was founded in 1983 and has head office in India. Blue Dart has latest technology in the backend through which you can track the location of your assignment simply by adding the tracking code.

Head office - Chennai, Tamilnadu | Establishment - 1994 |Website -
Address - 11(OLD NO.38), STATUS QUO. STERLING ROAD. NUNGAMBAKKAM. Location, CHENNAI. Pincode, 600034

3. Third place is acquired by TNT Express : TNT Express another company in the segment of Logistic business, computer started in the year 1946 and in mid 90's started their business operations in India.
Head office - Bangalore, Karnataka | Establishment - 1994 |Website -
Address: GF-14 DSIDC Complex, Mata Sundri Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110002

4. Fourth in the list is DTDC. The list of top 10 logistics companies of India DTDC is placed at the 3rd position, the journey of the company started in the year 1990 and has went public in the year 1994. In the year 2000 company has expandable their operations in the US UK. 2003 was a very significant yeah for the company, because it's the first time company has closed the revenue of hundred crore. And within next 4 years company has achieved amazing growth and has crossed revenue of 200 crores.

In the year 2010 e commerce business head set the path of growth and to meet the demand, DTDC has launched DTDC retail Limited and set up a chain of operations that are coming in for the retail stores.

Head Office - Bangalore | Employees - 22,000 | Established - 1990 | Website -
Address: Shop No.302, 7th Cross Road, Domlur I Stage, Domlur, Bangalore, Karnataka 560071

5. Fifth in the list is All cargo logistics ltd: Allcargo Logistic is a Indian Logistic Company that has been listed in stock market. Company has head office in Mumbai and has more than 250 branches across the different states of India. To capture the growing eCommerce market company has recently started e-commerce logistic in which the focus on speed, accuracy and scalability. In order to provide above three quality, company hes set up warehouses in different parts of India and has been using latest technology in the warehouse management
Head office - Mumbai| Establishment - 1993 | Employees - 8000 | Website -
Address: The Avvashya House,, CST Road, Kalina Santacruz (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098

6.Agarwal Packers and movers : Agarwal Packers and movers is a well-known logistic Company of India that has been the industry from last 37 years. Company is ISO Certified and focus on using latest technology that reduce cost of operation. Company has setup call centre on which user can call and ask about the status of the consignment, the toll free number is 9300 300 300.
Annual turnover - Rs 359 Cr | Employees - 3000 | Corporate Office - New Delhi | Established - 1987

7.At seventh place, we have placed Gati. Gati is a public listed company and has been providing services that include logistics solutions, warehouse management, e-Commerce logistic services etc. From the Gati official website, custom health facility to track your consignment online. Recently company has launched a new service named premium flexilite under which you will transport your product that has size of upto 5 kg in just to Rs 60
Head office - Singapore | Establishment - 1989 |Website -
Address - 1-7-293, M.G.Road, Secunderabad 500 003
Tel : (040)27844284, 27843788

8.FedEx .FedEx is another prominent logistic Company of India and we have pleased it at 8 position in the list of top 10 logistics companies in India. FedEx has expanded their business because they are focused on cultivating the strength of the employees and in turn able to produce amazing results. In India company has several offices in different parts and has set up warehouses having latest machines and Technology .
Corporate office - Dallas, USA | Establishment - 1973 | Employees - 3,00,000 | Website -

9.First Flight : First Flight counter Top Notch Logistic companies. It has been in the business from the 30 years and has been providing excellent services. First flight website also has the tracking facility, through which you can track location of your consignment.
Corporate office - Mumbai| Establishment - 1986 | Employees - 17000 | Website -
Address - Jay Coach, Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400 063. INDIA
Ph: 022-39576666.

10.Globe Express services : Global Express services is a Mumbai based Logistic Company. We have excellent service portfolio that include Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Customs Clearance, Warehousing & Consolidation, Project & Heavy Cargo Services, Supply Chain Consulting.
Corporate office - Mumbai, Maharashtra | Establishment - 1888 | Website -
Address: 5, Madhuban Building, 23, Cochin Street, Fort, Maharashtra, Mumbai, 400001

Container Corp – Container Corporation of India is one of the prominent government company that has been providing several services to the customers, out of which logistics services is one of that. Company has started providing to air cargo logistics services in the year 1999.


VRL Logistics – VRL group is placed at the 4th position top Logistic companies of India. Company has head office in Karnataka and has been started in the year 1976. Since then company has a tutor incredible growth and has a fleet of 445 buses and more than 4000 goods transport vehicle. Usually company has started their service in Hubli and after sometime they extend the operation Bengaluru. Presently company has a capacity to handle more than 6000 and two parcels everyday over the years VRL has able to provide services in 23 states of India.


Aegis Logistics – Aegis logistic was founded in the year 1956, is one of the prominent company that provide service for the transportation of oil, gas and Chemicals. Company listed in stock market has been using modern technology for the transportation.In the year 1996 company has enter entered in the Logistic business


Transport Corporation of India – Transport Corporation of India is a well-known logistic and supply chain solution provider. Company was founded in the year 1958 and has been working hard to become the leader in industry. 5000 employees are associated with the company and working in different segments

Chartered Logistics – Chartered logistics was established in the year 1963 with a vision of providing cost effective logistic solutions. Today, they have annual turnover of 136 crore and 650 owned and attached vehicles. Their portfolio includes road transport services, cost & freight services and special warehousing services.



ShipRocket is another startup that has entered in the Logistic industry. It's a Marketplace from where the small and medium-sized e-commerce companies can fetch the right kind of Logistic Company for them. It is a B2B website and has been working hard to capture some share of logistic market.


ABC India Limited is a Pioneer company of the Logistic industry. Started in the year 1962 and has glorious history of 49 years. To bring excellence in the business, company has launched the first product division in the year 1986 to manage heavy duty prime movers.

Companies ISO Certified and has a vast network of 100 branches across Pan India. Companies providing logistic and Supply Chain Management Services to hundreds of clients across the world. ABC India has 250 trucks, 108 Indian tratec, 15 Prime movers and many more. Company has implemented ERP system to connect all the hundred branches and main office to smooth-en their work process.

Direct Logistics is one of the prominent Logistic Company of India that has vast Global network across India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

Company has a dedicated team of professionals that has immense knowledge of logistics and supply chain management. Direct Logistics provide logistic services to the companies that are in the field of power generation, infrastructure, engineering, oil and gas.

Because of their excellent work, company has won several awards which include promising entrepreneur of the Year award.

Logistic through shipping is one of the prime focus area of the company and to succeed in this company maintain very strong relationship with leading ship owners and operators, they also deal in ship products, coal and fertilizers.

TNT Express is a prominent logistic company of India and has been placed at 3rd position in the the list of top 10 logistics companies of India. TNT Express has global presence and providing its shipping service to more than 200 countries across the globe. Company has launched a mobile app through which we can track the position of your shipment by shipment number. Just download the app from Play Store and accessories shipment details quickly. App has been enabled with push notification that timely send you notification about the status of your shipment hence make the tracking of shipment hassle free. From the mobile app, you can find the price and timing if you want to send your shipment from one place to another. For example if you want to send a consignment from Delhi to Mumbai, you can check the cost to send that consignment from mobile app.

Tiger Logistics is a growing Logistic Company of India that has headquarter in New Delhi. Company is ISO Certified and follow quality guidelines in there process.

Tiger Logistics has more than 16 years of experience in the Logistic industry provides tailor-made solution to the clients as per their requirement. Companies has huge expertise in creating cost effective business solutions , use standard tools and processes to optimise their process.

Company has immense experience in providing most effective logistics service and help customer to reduced their supply chains expense by providing world class services.

The service portfolio of the company includes international Ocean freight, international Air Freight, project Logistics, cold chain Logistics, supply chain Logistics etc

Logistics startup Pando raises $2M seed funding led by Nexus Venture Partners

Pando is a growing logistic Company of India and it has been providing world class services to the Fortune 500 companies. Recently company has received a funding of $2 million led by Nexus Venture Partners and other participants of funding Kashyap Deorah - Founder Hypertrack, Girish Mathrubootham - Founder and CEO Freshdesk, Nishant Rao - Sirion Labs and P Balaji -Vodafone.

The funding that company has received will be used in enhancing the back and Technology to streamline the processes. For a company with focus on developing the product and making it comprehensive and they will add new channel.

Also come will use these funds to hire right talent that boost the growth to the company. The focus of the pando group is crystal clear which are the high volume in the logistic.

Pando has some of the largest enterprises and transporters in India as users. The primary focus has been on high volume industries like - FMCG, White Goods, and Paper.

As per company representative - Currently Pando is doing 10 lakh transactions per annum, at an average value of of Rs 2500 per transaction".

Top Logistic Companies of India according to Market Capitalization

Company Name Market Cap(in Cr)
Container Corp 30,002.63
Allcargo 3,996.34
Jet Airways 3,703.27
VRL Logistics 3,418.44
Aegis Logistics 2,959.24
Transport Corp 2,254.82
Navkar Corp 2,238.95
SpiceJet 1,756.39
Snowman Logist 1,570.63
Arshiya 413.09
Chartered Logis 144.74
Patel Integrate 140.1
ABC India 54.15
Agarwal Ind 52.32
Satya Miners 13.25
Inter State Oil 4.98
Balurghat Tech 4.62
Jagson Airlines 1.89

Last Updated on 9 June 2020